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HH only Zambian Speaker at Mining Indaba

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Mining IndabaOpposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema is the only Zambian Speaker at the 2016 Mining Indaba to be held in South Africa.

This is a very big event in the mining and investments circles.

The main sponsors are Australian Government, Government of Canada, African Minerals, AngloAmerican, Rio Tinto and main others.

We are yet to be told the Zambian government plans towards this event at a time Zambia is losing mining investors and jobs.

It looks like Hichichema has been spoted by the business investors.

Hichilema is a self-made businessman and entrepreneur. He says he is on a mission to reverse Zambia’s dwindling economic fortunes.

From humble beginnings Hichilema’s determination in pursuing his studies paid off when he was awarded a University scholarship, graduating with a BA in Economics and Business Administration and later an MBA in Finance and Business Strategy.

Hichilema quickly ascended to Zambia’s corporate world, landing such prestigious jobs as CEO of Coopers and Lybrand at the tender age of 32 years, from 1994 to 1998, and later Grant Thornton.

He was the biggest local shareholder in two foreign-owned companies, and Chairmanof the Board of Directors at Barclays Bank Zambia Plc.

He is also a trained Business Negotiator, a qualified Change Management Practitioner, and member of the Zambia Institute of Directors.

With elections scheduled for 2016 Hichilema is campaigning on a strong economic platform, arguing Zambia needs a leader who understands business in order to unlock developmental benefits for the nation.

Commenting on his invitation, Hichilema said this on his facebook page:

We are pleased to announce and honured to have been invited to speak and participate at the high level 2016 Mining Indaba.

Held in Cape Town, the Mining Indaba is one of the most important conferences dedicated to mining projects in Africa and for us the occasion is so timely coming at a time this sector is facing serious challenges in the country.

We shall take the opportunity to engage with mining firms and discuss how we can create a more sustainable environment for economic growth and job creation which is vital for our people, especially the youths.

Joining together with other minds from across Africa and beyond, we will discuss how as politicians, we can ensure that our mining industry and the jobs and contracts it creates is not jeopardised during periods of low commodity prices.

Listening, sharing ideas and discussing how to make the most of Zambia’s mining industry will be a top priority at the 2016 Mining Indaba.

Whether you work in the mining sector or not, it affects us all. If we want to develop our health sector, education standards or infrastructure we need a strong and stable mining industry, so for that reason we will be attending the Mining Indaba to promote investment in the sector and discuss ideas and innovations that will protect our mines and encourage sustainable growth for the benefit of Zambia.

Our fellow citizens by now know that we mean well for this country and no amount of trivialities and pettiness laced with malice and propaganda can sway our people from believing in the UPND as an alternative and viable option for this country.


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