HH offers to buy 3-bedroom house for anyone who can prove he sold mines

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UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has made a sensational offer of a three-bedroom house to any Zambian citizen who can prove that he participated in the sale of the country’s mining assets.

The opposition leader was responding to a caller during a live interview programme on Radio Christian voice who challenged him to set the record straight on whether had anything to do with the sale of the mines at ‘give away’ prices during the privatization process of the 1990s.

Hichilema, whose political career has been blighted by accusations of undervaluing the mines for his own benefit, said: “I never sold a mine. I’ve said it several times before. If anyone has evidence that I sold a mine, two things they can do, or more; 1. Take me to court for a crime I committed…but they can’t so that, they’ve never done that because I never sold a mine. The records are there, one doesn’t need to be intelligent to search the records. 2. I’ll give a gift of a three-bedroom house to anyone who can come forward with evidence that HH sold a mine.

He continued: “If I had sold a mine, the people in the PF who hate me to the bone would have nailed me to the cross in a similar fashion to what was done to the son of God….maybe not the same as Jesus because I’m a lower being. So I never sold a mine. We are the solution to the mining sector, not the problem.”


3 Responses to HH offers to buy 3-bedroom house for anyone who can prove he sold mines

  1. Yes Mr. President you have done the right thing bachilamo because every time they prosecute you for something you didn’t do.

    May 23, 2019 at 6:09 pm

  2. HH don’t be clever above Zambians! You never SOLD but you participated big time in the sale of the mines. Challenge me for this and you owe me a mansion!

    Coup Democracy
    May 24, 2019 at 7:15 am

    • Bring the evidence don`t just listen to propaganda ba Democracy

      May 24, 2019 at 11:30 am

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