HH, Kambwili stand up for dismissed police officers

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UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema has assured the four police officers from Sesheke who have been fired from the service for allegedly beating up unruly PF cadres during the recently-held parliamentary by-election that they would get their jobs back once the UPND is elected into office.

And NDC consultant Chishimba Kambwili says it is shocking that President Edgar Lungu has moved so swiftly to fire the four police officers when those responsible for the death of UNZA student Vespers Shimuzhila are still in the service.

The Police Service Commission has retired “in national interest”, four officers namely; Senior Superitendent Officer commanding Sesheke District Shaapa Wakunguma (pictured), second officer commanding Sesheke District Fleming Chilongo, Assistant superintendent in charge of Sesheke police station Lengwe Borniface, and Constable Mukela Fridric of Sesheke Police Station, sparking widespread condemnation from members of the public.

“It is appalling to note how the PF has swiftly concluded that the officers broke the law when for months now no one has been found wanting over the death of a student at the University of Zambia. This is unfortunate,” UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema said in a statement today.

“We are aware that young professionals working in government have not only suffered in terms of poor conditions of service but also physical attacks, unlawful dismissals from known PF officials including Mr Edgar Lungu himself as a beneficiary of lawlessness in the country.”

The opposition leader assured all the victims of unfair dismissal from the civil service that they would get their jobs back once he is elected into office.

“We would like to assure all the civil servants and in this case men and women in uniform not to lose hope because once in government, we will give back your jobs.

“There is nothing good as moving on with a clear conscience especially knowing too well that yours was to serve the country diligently and not a group of select corrupt few.”

Hichilema is worried that the firing of the officers my lead to anarchy in the country as citizens will choose to defend themselves when attacked by PF cadres as opposed to trusting the police to protect them.

“We would also like to appeal to the Nation to remember that actions such as firing of professional civil servants for performing lawful duties such as deterring known PF unruly thugs has the potential to further create anarchy in a country whose economy is already on its knees.

“This is because citizens will have no choice but to defend themselves whenever attacked by the PF corruption and loans funded thugs.

“Lastly, we call the Nation to action that whenever attacked by the PF thugs, you must defend yourselves because the law and order enforcers have been made unimportant by the PF leadership. Self defence is a constitutional right that each and every citizen of our country enjoys and this is part of the people power which is your power to override the corrupt few in the PF led by Mr Edgar Lungu,” Hichilema said.

And NDC shadow leader Kambwili said: “Wonders shall never end. Senior police officers in Sesheke have been fired over the intercity armed PF cadres fracas. This has happened within a week, the president has fired senior cops who chose to deal with the real problem this time around, without advocating for police brutality I feel this decision is utterly unfair.

“The cops who killed Vespers are still within the police service, it has been months since they killed an innocent soul and up to now nothing has been done about the criminals who tear gassed a young girl to death.

“It’s sickening to even comprehend just how irresponsible this government is, how can a responsible government pride thugs over their own innocent school children.

“It’s sad and the people are watching what is going on.”


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