HH: Hunger knows no tribe or political affiliation

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hichilemaUPND Presidential Candidate Hakainde Hichilema says hunger and poverty know no political affiliation, ethnicity or gender.

Speaking when he addressed a campaign rally in Nyanje village of Kapoche constituency, Hichilema said there are no special shops for any class or group of people in Zambia where they are able to buy cheaper goods for their economic survival.

The UPND leader committed to reducing the price of farming inputs, such fertiliser and seeds, as well as revamping the livestock sector by bringing veterinary services closer to the people and ensuring ready markets for produce.

He also reiterated that political violence in the country will end once and for all when people are given the opportunity to engage in economic activities and ventures, other than being hired for thuggery as a source of income.

Hichilema also called on Zambians to remain united and peace-loving by ignoring those who spread political propaganda and are looking to divide the country.

During the meeting UPND Vice President Dr. Canisius Banda called on the people of Eastern Province to rise above low level debate and divisive sentiments by voting for the UPND leadership from councillors, MPs, Council Chairpersons and Mayors to the President.

Earlier, the UPND leader and his team a courtesy call on Chieftainess Nyanje of the Chewa speaking people of Kapoche Constituency in Sinda District who called for violence political free campaigns in the run up to the August elections.



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