HH guns for GBM’s daughter

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Punishing children for their fathers’ sins has been one of God’s laws, however can this apply to politics?

President Hakainde Hichilema is said to have given strict instructions to the Attorney General to ensure that Sibongile Mwamba’s seat remains nullified following an appeal against High Court judgment.

Mwamba is the PF Parliamentary candidate whose 2021 election victory was nullified by  High Court and the decision has been appealed in the Constitutional Court.

Meanwhile, sources within PF say Kasama Central is a seat Hichilema wants to grab from them, and doing everythin achieve that.

They say on this one, HH’s anger comes from the fact that Sibongile is the daughter to Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) who was once a vice President in UPND but left the party after being sidelined on tribal lines.

According to impeccable UPND members, Hichilema wants Kabushi, Kwacha and Kasama Central seats grabbed.

As if to confirm HH’s appetite to grab the said seats, he recently took it upon his shoulder to campaign for his candidates.

Hichilema promised the electorate development in exchange for votes.

Meanwhile, the Constitution is the supreme law of Zambia and any other law or behavior that conflicts it is void to the extent of it’s conflict.


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