HH, GBM at Daggers drawn

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….as GBM also bans Provincial Chairman Nathan Ilunga

Kelvin Sichizya in Kasama

File: GBM in Mongu during the Koumboka ceremony

The UPND Vice President has also reaffirmed the removal of the Northern Province leadership from their positions declaring that UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka was ‘not’ above him to reverse the decision made by the District leadership recently.

“Katuka is not above me, as Vice President for administration, so Nathan Ilunga stays out of the Provincial Leadership” he declared adding that HH was interferering with party structures in the northern province.

Speaking to radio mano by phone from an undisclosed location in South Africa, Mr. Bwalya disclosed that a lot was happening in the UPND which had made the opposition party very unpopular and was scaring away potential members.

“I want the people of Northern Province and Zambia as a whole to know that ‘in fighting ‘ in the UPND had reached alarming levels and will not attract any more members and warned “if they don’t know well, I can even resign now”, citing his earlier resignation from government as Defence Minister over a misunderstanding between the government leadership and Paramount Chief Chief Chitimukulu.

GBM also disclosed that HH was being fed on lies by some of the opposition party leaders such as Bernard Mpundu, Mucheleka and Nathan Ilunga warning HH should not feel like he is already in powerbecause that is what he thinks”

He said, HH, Katuka, Mucheleka and Mpundu including Ilunga should stop deceiving themselves that they were already in power “because UPND is just one of the opposition political parties and stays just like that”

In a lengthy telephone call to the local radio station in Kasama, GBM accused HH of destroying the party saying “HH is destroying UPND while UPND Deputy Secretary General Mucheleka and his colleagues Mpundu and Ilunga are just seekers of wealth in the party and have failed to represent the people effectively” GBM disclosed.

He also said be took Ilunga and others into the UPND when he crossed over from the PF and said they were never elected by the people so with immediate effect, I have suspended Ilunga and Katuka is too small to challenge me”

“I brought Ilunga from the MMD into the PF and then to the UPND but he does not want to work with others because he thinks he has grown wings” all because UPND has embraced Chishimba KAMBWILI.

A few days ago, the UPND leadership from Districts across the province petitioned against the Provincial Chairman Ilunga demanding his removal from his position for failing to perform but their action was followed by the suspension of Kasama District Chairman Jairos Tembo by the UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka, which the Vice President has however nullified

Meanwhile, the local UPND leadership in Northern Province has also banned Mr. Mucheleka and Mr. Mpundu from ever visiting the province accusing them of “only distarbilising the party in the region”

They say, the leaders have not been elected at a convention and are therefore not recognised.


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