HH does not appreciate, I spent $1 million in 2016 – GBM

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Former UPND Vice president Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba has told the people of Northern province that he spent over $1 million dollars to campaign for UPND president Hakainde Hichilema.


Mwamba better known as GBM says he hired the two choppers he was using and bought vehicles and campaign materials but HH never appreciated him.

The former Vice president who was his running mate in 2016 told the people that if HH could not appreciate him after spending his personal money wondered how he will appreciate the people of Zambia.

He told the people not to make a mistake to vote for HH.

GBM is on the tour of Northern, Luapula and Muchinga provinces to destroy the UPND structures he claims he setup using his money.

Below is the verbatim:

“…..I used my money to hire two choppers you saw me use, I spent over $1million of my hard earned cash, he did not appreciate me, I bought 6 brand new 4x4s to help him, he did not appreciate me, I bought a lot of campaign materials worth a lot of Money he did not appreciate me, I can challenge him, I never got any coin from HH, I used my own hard earned cash, he did not appreciate me, I used my own money, a lot of money to convince people to vote for upnd, I used my money, he did not appreciate me, IF IN ALL THIS MY FRIEND DIDNT APPRECIATE ME, WILL HE APPRECIATE YOU?……GBM ( Crowd, Nooooooo), bamunyinane, mwikapanga mistake, namu 2016 Mwine I think Lesa mukulu akenefye, pantu awina, nganine abalilepo ukwisa chusha, so kanshi mungumfwe, mwikesha umuvotela ulyamuntu, bushe kuno alisako? Awwee, Alimishiba? Aweee. Mwikesha namulomba kabili munjeleko paku mutwala Ku upnd….GBM I have been in upnd for four years, nshatala lyapo nankwe imbale imo iyo, muntu washani? Mwikesha….crowd, Tetiiii!!! Maj. Kachingwe


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