HH, Chief Hamusonde exposed – Tayali

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HH takes a walk after disembarking

HH takes a walk after disembarking

Political Commentator Chilufya Tayali has charged that opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema and Chief Hamusonde are not being truthful.


Tayali says the just released telephone audio recording has exposed that the duo cannot be trusted. He says in a video clip interview last week Chief Hamusonde vemently refused ever talking to HH over Chama’s issue.


Tayali says HH also refused to have phoned Chief Hamusonde, but the recording released which has been translated below (for those that got it and could not understand) facts seems to be contradictory.


“I respect both all Chiefs including Chief Hamusonde (as well as HH who is nothing but a human being like me though Chief Hamusonde call him god), but lets be truthful, which I stand for, Did Chief Hamusonde and HH tell the truth or they were laying?


If they lied about a phone conversation, how can we trust their claim of defamation?


AT AN APPROPRIATE TIME THE SECOND PART TO THIS CONVERSATION WILL BE RELEASED. THIS IS JUST A FIRST PART WHICH REVEALS THE FACT THAT THE TWO (Chief Habasonde and HH) did have a conversation and they should have not even gone further to waste Tax-payers manner pursuing what they know if a lie,” Tayali said.


Below is a word for word transcription of the purported recording of HH and Chief Hamusonde of the Tonga people of Bwengwa in Monze districr for the sake of people who do not understand Tonga:


HH: Chief

Chief: Ba president

HH: Good morning chief

Chief: Good morning my president, my boy or my God!

HH: laughs. How are you doing?

Chief: Nothing much. How are you in there in Lusaka, in fact not Lusaka but the whole world?

HH: I went to your relatives in Mwinilunga, they love us badly oh chief Hamusonde. I arrived Last night.

Chief:Is that so?

HH: Ma ma ma. They will by pass you chief if you start going round in circles like you do

Chief: Mr president yes, you there you can be disappointed. Now here the main problems is poverty among chiefs. Now I confronted them. Really confronted them. Now this relative of yours [Chieftainess] Choongo, can you write her off completely.

HH: Which one?

Chief: Choongo. She is a nuisance

HH: from where?

Chief: Choongo, Choongo.

HH: What has she done?

Chief: She is the one. If you heard that chiefs from Southern province have forgiven Chama [for insulting Tongas). She was the one they sat with and were speaking in Bemba, they sat and chatted and even signed documents. Nuisance.

HH: Oh weee!

Chief: They sat, sat and chatted, selling us, now I was upset my boy and I confronted them. You can even phone [chief] Nalubamba he will tell you that we have never seen such a man the whole southern province.

HH: Waoh. She has sold me, my aunty has sold me?

Chief: Nicely.

Chief: These are the people who cheat you. She was one of the eight [chiefs] who sat in the bush being given money.

HH: Now chief, is she going to convince the people of Choongo?

Chief. No. No. She can’t. Am trying to say She was just selling herself. She was just showing that she is not a proper person, because the issues they discussed with Chama and this child [chief] Singani

HH: Which one?

Chief: Singani

HH: Ok

Chief: The issues they discussed with Chama. I don’t know if its because of the time you were competing in South Africa.

HH; Now, it seems Hamaamba is involved.

Chief: That person is a snake and I don’t want him. I will never bring him to your house. Had it not been for Hamaamba, chief Choongo would be saying sense.


HH: Now Chama who insulted the whole Southern, they have started having conversations with Chama?

Chief: Not just having conversation but saying me I have taken you as my own child and given birth to you from own womb, if others don’t want you.

HH: Yaya


Chief: I told her that just because you stayed that side and learnt Bemba, you have no senses, anyway they should forgive me.


HH: What is there to apologise for we are in a political battle?


Chief: I confronted them ba president and le


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