HH changes UPND Constitution, gets more powers

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The amended constitution that gives more powers to UPND president Hakainde Hichilema (HH) has been adopted at the General Conference taking place today, reports Zambian Eye’s Asa Manda.

Among other powers now given to HH who has gone un opposed is to appoint party Vice president, Secretary General and National Chairperson.

The party president will also have powers to appoint all Chairpersons of all Committees that are elected as members of the National Management Committee (NMC). No member will seek for election as it has been for a specific NMC position. It will be HH appointing.

HH will also appoint 30 of the 100 members of the NMC from which he will come up with his own team.

The clause that limits one to two terms to run as UPND president has also been changed. One can run for as long as he or she want as party president.

This is contrary to what HH has been preaching that he will reduce the power of the presidency when elected president of Zambia. HH has been accusing President Lungu of being undemocratic.

Since his ascendance to the UPND president in 2006, this is the first time the party is having a General Conference. He has just been appointing members to NMC.


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