HH breaks silence on gay, lesbian rights

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President Hakainde Hichilema says it is worrying that some people are giving statements alleging that his government supports gay and lesbian rights.

Hichilema says his position on gay and lesbian rights did not change from what he has been saying during time in opposition.

“Since our time in opposition we used to say no to gay and lesbian rights and now we are in government, the position is the same.

“Media houses have such records. It is therefore bad for some to say new dawn government supports gay and lesbian rights,” he says.

He implored fellow citizens to put energy in what unites nation than what divides the country.

“Good morning fellow citizens.

“Our position on this issue has been very clear and consistent from our days in opposition.

“We must focus our energy in addressing pressing issues affecting our people and not be detracted,” he adds.


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