HH begins Nationwide campaigns

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Opposition UPND president Hakainde Hichilema says he is beginning nationwide campaigns ahead of the 2021 general elections.


Hichilema says he is not going to waste time to attend the national dialogue which he describes as a shame. He says he is going to mobilise Zambians to ensure that the PF is kicked out of government in 2021.

The UPND leader has since appealed to law enforcement Agencies to allow him and his party campaign as Zambia is democratic country.

Hichilema or HH as he is commonly referred to has since directed his party structures to start mobilising and prepare for his visit.

He was speaking today in an audio statement made available to Zambian Eye.

And UPND Secretary General Stephen Katuka says it is now clear that the PF is on the exit door.

Commenting on the outcome of the by-elections where the opposition NDC alongside UPND beat the PF in Roan, Katuka said the writing is on the wall.


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  1. HH, must first put his house before embarking in Nationwide campaigns!It is important to build firm structures on the ground before using hos meagre resources on such ventures. Mind you the trips he intends to embark upon are self-funded, probably much from his own resources and pockets! On the other hand, PF are misusing and abusing Taxpayers’ hard earned resources of whom HH is also such Tax Payer.

    UPND should heed this advice!

    In Roan, the PF was paying and busing students for all the colleges in Luanshya on their campaign trails, singing for PF. Each student was being K50 for boarding the buses, per day. Another K100 was paid to each student for visiting ten households each. They were being fed and refreshed throughout the days operations! Students were earning at least K150 per day! who could afford such expenditure from own pockets, none! Imbwili’s victory was actually only a no confidence vote for PF in Luanshya, and probably reflecting the views of the whole Copperbelt!

    April 13, 2019 at 3:13 pm

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