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HH addresses Kabwata rally, Regina pleads with Kaseba to ‘tame’ Sata for sake of peace

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HH addressing a rally in Kabwata

HH addressing a rally in Kabwata

Part pf the people that attended HH's rally in Kabwata

Part pf the people that attended HH’s rally in Kabwata

Leader of the opposition UPND party Hakainde Hichilema has addressed the first rally in the Zambian capital after the state stopped him ten times.
Hichilema addressed the rally Sunday afternoon in Kabwata constituency where earlier his supporters fought with the ruling party’s supporters who invaded the venue of the rally beating up people who were coming to attend the meeting. The situation was later calmed down by the State police and this affected the turn out as people were scared of the impending blood bath.
Addressing the rally, HH as he is commonly called dared President Michael Sata’s regime that is being accused of oppression and dictatorial tendencies.
“Arrest me every week but I will not stop talking for the people of Zambia,” HH told the people that turned up for the rally. “We have a responsibility to fight for economic and social freedom and not political freedom like Sata.”
Earlier the rally was interrupted with ZESCO Power cut.
HH wondered how the PF regime could allocate K1.5 billion in this year’s budget for First Lady Dr. Christine kaseba and yet no money to buy oxygen for premature babies at the country’s biggest hospital -UTH.
He said the retirees despite changing government are still queuing up for their dues while President Sata has started building his retirement house, a situation he describes as unfortunate.
The UPND leader pointed out that the poor leadership in government. He cited the PF’s move to export maize more than the local consumption leading to national food crisis for the first time since 1990. He said the PF has continued after a year plus of taking of government to play the blame game on the millers.
“There is lack of basic economics understanding,” said HH.
He urged Zambians to support Kasumbalesa mealie meal traders at the Zambia, Congo DR boarder adding that there was need to promote cross border trade.
HH also appealed to his supporters not to engage in violence even when provoked by the PF supporters.
Speaking at the same rally Vice president Richard Kapita accused Tourism and Arts Minister Sylvia Masebo and his Justice counterpart Wynter Kabimba of wanting to share ZAWA proceeds. Masebo has appointed Kabimba in the ZAWA board. This has been opposed by the opposition with a former Minister calling for the setting up of a tribunal.
Kapita has called on President Sata to fire Masebo following the request for injunction by Harrington.
And former Katombora Member of Parliament Regina Musokotwane appealed to Dr Kaseba to tame her husband for the sake of peace.
At the same rally losing Chikankata MMD parliamentary candidate in 2011 and former MMD national chairman for Arts and Culture Trymore Mwenda joined UPND


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