Heritage Party Congratulates MMD, UPND Election Victories

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The Heritage Party congratulates the MMD and UPND for their election victories in Chipata, Kafulafuta and Solwezi.

This is a welcome outcome, considering the harassment and maneuvering that has been going on, including the last minute induced withdrawal of the MMD candidate from the race. Keep up the fighting spirit.

We take advantage of this message to convey two other messages, one to the MMD and UPND leadership and the other to the PF party and government.

For the MMD and UPND it is important not to make the same mistakes that the PF have been and are making since winning the 2011 elections. They should not become complacent as this will lead to taking people for granted. They should remember that they are servants of the people at all times, nothing more and nothing less.

As for the PF on this occasion we want to use the President’s “bedroom speech” in the House of Chiefs to appeal to the Church in Zambia to seek ways to counsel or to prevail on him to desist from such tendencies. It was embarrassing to learn from the President that he spends time watching Chief Jumbe’s bedroom; his revelation means that he routinely spies on all citizens, even when they are not criminals or suspects. But his threat is a double-edged sword.

When the President spies on Chief Jumbe’s bedroom he hears and sees everything in that sacred and most private of rooms! It means that he also watches other chiefs’ and chieftainesses’ bedrooms but that they have not yet riled him sufficiently for him to rebuke them. It also means that he is definitely watching all the ordinary citizens, not just in our bedrooms but in the streets and villages as well!

We call upon the Church in Zambia to lead a combined mini crusade to counsel and prevail on the President to stop this practice. We further call upon other citizens not only to condemn this practice but to petition and make serious representations to the Government. We shudder to imagine where all this will end if citizens also begin to make the State House bedroom a subject of their debates – God forbid!



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