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Health Minister, Chilufya fails to answer 5 simple health questions

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Chilufya Chitalu

Health Minister Chitalu Chilufya recently failed to answer a few simple health questions in Parliament.

The Speaker of the House Hon Patrick Matibini had to remind him to be professional and not to deviate from what was being asked.

Hon Garry Nkombo asked questions in relation to matters to do with curbing the spread of coronavirus, but Chilufya was found wanting.

Meanwhile, concerned citizen, Hez Ron Lums, says it is disappointing that a Health Minister, whose portfolio holds the citizens’ health cannot answer health questions.

“Am disappointed with this man’s action in parliament, he failed to answer 5 simple questions asked by Garry Nkombo, about COVID 19.

“Zambia are we safe with this kind of ministers holding public offices??? I agree they were quite tough questions, but, I expected more than that.

“Honestly, speaking the man is my favorite minister, but, with this I don’t Know,” says Lums.

The Health minister failed to give satisfactory answers on why the PF have continued with public meetings amidst statutory instruments he issued that restrict public gatherings due to the coronavirus pandemic.

And Speaker of the National Assembly Speaker Matibini had to advise Dr Chilufya to be professional when responding to questions from members of parliament.


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