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Hard times are coming, Nevers tells MMD

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MMD leader Nevers Mumba

OPPOSITION MMD president Nevers Mumba has said the party should brace itself for hard times as some National Executive Committee (NEC) members could leave the party as a result of the rebranding process.

Dr Mumba has also appealed to Zambians to judge the former ruling party on what it would become after its rebranding process which will give it fresh ideas.

He was speaking to journalists in Lusaka yesterday during a traditional marriage ceremony commonly known as ‘Matebeto’ of his first born son, Shuma-El who would marry Chalansi Malama soon.

He said the rebranding of the MMD which would be announced soon would provide the party with new policies free of misdeeds that people labeled against it during its period in power. He said Zambians should expect a new MMD that had responded to the numerous concerns that people raised against it during its rule.

The MMD leader was confident the rebranded MMD would bounce back into power and that people should judge it after its rebranding process which would give it fresh innovations.

He said the committee tasked to rebrand the party was making headways which would facilitate the announcement of the shadow cabinet with new and valuable policies to drive the party forward.

“When people apologise it is important to know that repentance is personal. Once somebody repents there is nothing more and MMD should be judged of what it becomes after its rebrand. I am very confident that the rebranded MMD will bounce back into power.

“Zambians are not interested in repentance but in how MMD will be after its repentance,” Dr Mumba said.

He said the rebranding would offer the party fresh outlook with a cleaner perception free of immense misdeeds that Zambians had labeled against it and that people should judge the performance afterwards.

 ”The committee is also preparing for the launch of the rebranded MMD party and the anti-corruption committee which I promised that I will announce soon. A shadow cabinet will also be announced,” Dr Mumba said.

He said the recommendations made during recent MMD national retreat exercise would give an impetus of to the rebranding of the party and the recommendations made would positively motivate Zambians.

He said it was not necessary to divulge misdeeds the MMD committed as some were committed during its 20 years in power when the current Head of State was still a senior MMD party official.

“May I appeal to those who want MMD to list their sins to be the first ones to throw the stones because what is important is repentance and this is also what Jesus commanded in the Bible,” he said.

On reports of NEC members contemplating to quit the party on alleged reports of frustrations, Dr Mumba said, it was obvious that the rebranding process had brought new dimensions which could affect others.

 Times of Zambia


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