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Handouts are poverty traps, not empowerment- HH

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UPND president Hakainde Hichilema says the history of political handouts and funds distribution in Zambia is well documented, but, unsustainable as it cannot be passed to the next generation.

Hichilema says the political system of giving people handouts cannot be described as empowerment, as it doesn’t empower the beneficiaries with the needed survival skills.

“It robs the people, especially the youth necessary aspiration to learn value addition skills, that last for a lifetime, and can be passed on to a new generation of young people.

“The culture of handouts condemns our people to a cycle of perpetual dependence and poverty.

“Empowering them with the necessary competence to make their own wealth is what we will do as UPND,” he posted on his Facebook page.

His comments came at the time President Edgar Lungu has been criss-crossing the country launching youth empowerment programs.

Most recently, Lungu launched a K470 million Youth Empowerment Fund targeting 150 000 beneficiaries.


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