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Gvt accused of fanning illegal mining on the Copperbelt for political mileage

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Governance Activist Archie Mulunda has attributed the current growing illegal mining activities by various youths on the Copperbelt who feel entitled to be given mineral-rich slag dumps, to government’s alleged insatiable appetite to make pronouncements without caution to gain political mileage and garner more votes.

Mulunda tells Phoenix News that government facilitated for the illegal miners to feel entitled to slag dumps after allocating the 10% ZCCM-IH owned infamous black mountain in Kitwe to jerabos, despite advice against the move from stakeholders who felt this was a campaign gimmick whose consequences include sustained illegal mining activities.

He has blamed government for recent protests and illegal mining activities leading to continued loss of life, with the latest incident in Mufulira last week where an illegal miner was shot dead by police during a fracas.

Small Scale Miners have recently been staging protests, clashing with police, while others have appealed to President Edgar Lungu to be given mineral rich slag dumps dotted across the mining areas of Zambia as empowerment.

And Democratic Governance and Human Rights Advocates -DEGHA- National Coordinator Gerald Mutelo says while empowerment of youths is welcome, it must not be done as appeasement for those inclined to the ruling party. -PHOENIX NEWS


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