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Guy Scott joins facebook…outlines PF projects

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Guy Scott

Guy Scott

Zambia’s Vice president Guy Scott has outlined a summary of the development projects the ruling Patriotic Front – PF-government is undertaking.

Dr. Scott who just joined Facebook Thursday, August 15, 2013 posted a summary of the projects on his account under the username Guy L. Scott.
Below is the post by Zambia’s Vice president.
Friends here is a quick summary of some of the projects currently going on and also upcoming ones.
1. Heros National Stadium to be completed.
2. Livingstone to have state of the art stadium.
3. KK airport to be expanded.
4. Harry Mwanga Nkumbula Airport expansion works almost complete.
5. Lusaka 400 road project to be launched on Friday.
6. Zambia ready for UNWTO general assembly.
7. All ten provinces of Zambia to have a University.
On another post, Dr. Scott said Zambia is in for a lot of development under the governance of President Michael Sata.
He said: “There is a lot of things that our government has planed for this great nation but one step at a time is what we have chosen, wise people say if you rush you will crush and we don’t want to rush at anything but Zambia will develop under PF that’s all I can say. I know we cannot please the more than 13 million Zambians but we will please the majority of them.”
Some people have however expressed some doubts whether it is truly the Vice President running the Facebook account.
“Lol. The all (whole lot) of Guy Scott to be sending friendship requests to every Jim and Jack on Facebook. Doesn’t take you to be a genius to figure out this are accounts operated by the PF fake generals on Facebook that want to use it to collect data. Wake up people,” Musamba Mumba Chama the Zambian Eye Director for Social Media reacted to the account.
Emmanuel Musole wondered: Do you really think its him? Because some are just imposters who wants to impress others for nothing.”
Another facebook user Caesar Masina responded by saying: “For sure! After all, the cadres have invited everyone to every group that they have infiltrated, they can as well gather info from them all for ‘free'”
“Mama, we know how it goes #ifwe ku acceptor fye then the questioning will make him fake or original to delete us # bambi balitu deletor akale,” said John Kazembe.
Dr. Scott has since joined the Zambian Eye facebook Group which attracts serious debates on political, economical and social issues at the rate of 30 seconds.

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