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GSB Zambia Takes the Lead in Promoting Zambian Football

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As the GSB Cup football tournament reaches its climax, football fans across Zambia are eagerly anticipating the final matches that will take place on Sunday, May 21st, at the Arthur Davies Stadium. This thrilling tournament, sponsored by GSB Zambia, a local Zambian sports betting brand, has seen some of the best footballing talent from across the country compete for the K127,000 prize pool.

The final matches of the GSB Cup will feature two exciting games. The women’s final will kick off at 13:00, with NKANA QUEENS FC taking on CHALUBE ANGELS FC. Following this, the men’s final will take place at 15:00, featuring ROAN UNITED FC and ZAMBEZI PORTLAND FC.


This final will be broadcasted on ZNBC, allowing fans across the country to follow the action live and share in the excitement of the day. In addition to the football matches, there will be a live performance by local music band CHANDA NA KAY, adding to the festive atmosphere.

GSB Zambia, the brand behind this exciting tournament, is dedicated to promoting sports in Zambia and investing in the community. The GSB Cup is one of the many initiatives that the company has undertaken to support local football and provide opportunities for talented players to showcase their skills.


As a sports betting brand, GSB Zambia has been able to provide a platform for Zambians to place bets on football matches, and the company’s online betting website is known as the best in the country. Many of its users have won big prizes, demonstrating the brand’s commitment to giving back to the community through their involvement in sports.


The GSB Cup is a testament to GSB Zambia’s commitment to promoting sports in Zambia and investing in the community. By sponsoring this tournament, the brand has provided a significant boost to the local football scene, giving talented players the opportunity to showcase their skills and compete for a significant prize pool.


In conclusion, the GSB Cup has been an exciting and entertaining tournament, and the final matches promise to be a thrilling spectacle for football fans across Zambia. The involvement of GSB Zambia as a local sponsor is a clear indication of the brand’s commitment to investing in the community and promoting sports in Zambia. Fans can look forward to an unforgettable day of football, music, and community spirit.



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