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Govt wants to embarrass former President – PF

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Former First Lady Edgar Lungu

The former ruling party, Patriotic Front (PF) has accused the Hakainde Hichilema (HH) Administration of wanting to embarrass the former president Edgar Lungu by accusing his wife of having stolen vehicles, reports Martha Banda.

And Police have ordered that former First Lady Esther Lungu reports to Woodlands Police Station again on Thursday, 4th May 2023 for further investigations.

The PF Leaders said the drama that happened today where armed police stormed the former president’s residence in Ibex Hill of Lusaka early morning to search for three alleged vehicles was aimed at embarrass the family.

Speaking after Mrs Lungu was questioned by the Police at Woodlands Police station late afternoon today, the PF says the drama was unnecessary. The PF Lawmakers led by Leader of the House in Parliament told the press after the probe that the who episode is aimed at silencing the opposition.

Brian Mundubile said the Police should have just followed the law by summoning the former First Lady to the Police station than storming the former First family’s residence. He said the former president still enjoys immunity and cannot be subjected to searching.

The PF has warned that the UPND should realise that one day they will be out of office and will be subjected to such undemocratic ill treatment. They have accused the Hichilema government of breaking the law with impunity.

And Mrs Lungu has since given a statement to the Police over the accusation of her stealing three vehicles. She told the Police according Makebi Zulu that she was actually a victim in the case as the Complainant used her $400, 000 she had been given to keep.

Zulu said the whole matter was family affair which had been resolved by the two parties that she holds on to the vehicles until the money was reimbursed. He wondered how the Police would get involved in a civil case and cause all the drama that happened today.

Speaking when he arrived at home in the evening, Lungu thanked hundreds of people that went to give solidarity to the first family. He disclosed that she had been told to report back at Police at 10AM on 4th May 2023.

Read here what Mrs Lungu told the Police.





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