Govt vehicles not for ferrying building materials for personal houses – Mutati

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Felix Mutati

GOVERNMENT is impressed with the improvement levels in the compliance on the usage of Government motor vehicles which has increased from below 10% to over 80% since the commencement of compliance exercise.

This came to light after Minister of Works and Supply FELIX MUTATI observed the outcome of the inspection during the on-going road checks conducted country wide in all the provincial centres.

He said the increased penalties for would-be offenders is not meant to punish anyone but to ensure that compliance levels reach over 95%.

He was speaking after another patrol was conducted in Lusaka this morning saying two things noticed since the commencement the patrols, are that there is increase in compliance and that the flow of vehicles in Lusaka has significantly reduced.

“We have taken a number of actions since we started this exercise and one of the key pillars is that we revised as of yesterday the penalties associated with abuse of motor vehicles. The penalties are now significant and with a strong bite. We also noticed particularly in Lusaka that the traffic flow of government motor vehicles has also reduced so it means that people are beginning to pack the vehicles over the weekends,” he said.

Mr MUTATI said there is a new trend which has emerged in the abuse of government motor vehicles where people are carrying unauthorised cargo.

He said among the most carried cargo was building materials where people are using Government vehicles to transport their building materials and advised civil servants that Government vehicles should not be used for the purpose of building personal houses.

Two vehicles were impounded this morning carrying building materials and both drivers had no authorisation or any documents to support them using the said vehicles at the time of impound.

A visibly impressed Mr. MUTATI said the outcome signifies the fact that peopke’s mindsets are are changing for the better but added that the same operations will be conducted in selected places in the nights.

And Ministry of Works and Supply Director of Human Resources WEZI LUKHELE has observed that there is also a seious abuse of the government number plate even after buying the vehicles.

He said it has been noted that most of the people that were once offered to purchase government vehicles have continued using the GRZ number plates with some in running into close to three years.

Mr. LUKHELE described the practice as tantamount to evading payment of tax and called on all who are still using GRZ to change failure to which they will face sanctions.

He made this caution after an incident in Chilanga where a government employee with the Ministry of Tourism and Arts was found driving a vehicle that was sold off and was still using GRZ number plates.







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