Govt to employ 30,000 health workers by 2021

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Government says it will employ 30, 000 health workers by the year 2021.

Ministry of Health Deputy Director for Clinical Care, Daniel Makawa says government has so far recruited a total of 13,482 health workers while an 1,232 have been recruited under partner support.

And Dr. Makawa adds that the implementation of the National Health Insurance scheme which has now become law will significantly reduce what he has described as ‘catastrophic out of pocket expenditure’ for Zambians.

He has further urged the Zambia Paediatric Association to ensure that health workers are well vest with information in order for the implementation of the scheme to be a success.

Dr. Makawa was speaking on behalf of the Minister of Health, Chitalu Chilufya at the launch of the Zambia Paediatric Association Scientific Symposium.


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