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Govt. launches complaints procedure for the broadcasters

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ZNBCGovernment has launched the complaints procedure against broadcasting stations and the ethical guidelines for broadcasters with a call on the media to uphold and maintain high ethical and professional standards in executing their duties.

The two documents have been formulated by the Independent Broadcasting
Authority (IBA) as a regulatory mechanism for the media and to provide a clear procedure for the members of the public to make their complaints against the media when aggrieved.

Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services Joseph Katema who was flanked by his deputy Minister Poniso Njeulu, his Permanent Secretary Bert Mushala and IBA Director General Josephine Mapoma launched the code of ethics and the complaints procedure at a breakfast meeting held in Lusaka today.

Dr Katema commended IBA for providing a favourable regulatory environment for the growth of the broadcasting industry in the country stating that government is keen to see an independent and professional media that will contribute to national development.

The Minister further urged the media to fully understand and comply with the documents as they are not strange to them.

He reminded the media to maintain their royalty to being truthful and remain loyal to the people of Zambia and not to individuals’ private agendas.

And the Independent Broadcasting Authority Director General Josephine
Mapoma urged broadcasting stations to domesticate the code of ethics and the complaints procedure.

She expressed hope that the guidelines will enhance professionalism in the broadcasting industry.

Ms Mapoma noted that the launch of the two documents does not suggest that the editorial policies of the broadcasting stations have been rendered null and void but to support the high professional standards of the stations.

She observed that members of the public will use the complaints procedure when lodging complaints against broadcast stations.

She stated that people had no clear procedure of having their complaints
addressed before the launch of the complaints procedure.

Meanwhile, the media has commended government for operationalizing the IBA Act of 2002 and for launching a regulatory mechanism against unprofessionalism in the broadcasting industry.

Media Network on Child Rights and Development Executive Director Henry
Kabwe who gave a vote of thanks on behalf of the media noted that the two documents will help both the media and the members of the public.

Mr Kabwe stated that the media have been violating people’s rights especially children in their news items and other programmes.

The launch was attended by the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) Director Patrick Lungu, Acting Zambia National Broadcasting
Corporation Kenneth Maduma, Members of the Zambia Media Council and heads and representatives of various broadcast stations from across the country.


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