Govt has raked in K2.2bn from toll gates since 2013

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Government has collected a total of K2.2 billion from toll stations from the time the national road tolling programme started in 2013.

Minister of Housing and Infrastructure Development Ronald Chitotela says the fees have been collected from tolls Inland, Ports of Entry and Weighbridge Stations across the country.

Chitotela says in 2013 when the programme started from November to December K44,431.00 was collected and in 2014 K296,834.00 was collected while in 2015 K428,165.00 was collected.

The Minister said in 2016 K464,777.00 was collected and in 2017 K667,952.02 was collected and this year by June a total of K387,830.24 was collected bringing a total of K2, 289,989.26

Chitotela says the funds have been channelled towards road construction, road maintenance and road rehabilitation of public roads as required by the law.

The Minister says of the money collected, K504.2 Million has gone to Periodic and Routine Road Maintenance, K730.9 Million has gone to Road Rehabilitation and upgrading, K488 Million has been for Road Safety and Expenditure while K260.7 Million has been for NAPSA Loan Repayment.

The Minister was speaking when he featured on a Live Radio programme on Radio Phoenix in Lusaka on Tuesday.

“I must say here that implementation of the National Road Tolling Programme has progressed very well since 2013 when Phase I of the project started. Tolls have been collected from ten inland Toll Stations namely Chongwe and Shimabala in Lusaka Province, Katuba, Mumbwa, and Manyumbi in Central Province, Kafulafuta on the Copperbelt Province, Chembe in Luapula Province, Kalense, Kateshi and Kakonde in Northern Province,” Chitotela said.

The Minister says Tolls have also been collected from nine Ports of Entry and four gazetted weighbridges across the country.

“The Government of President Edgar Lungu is constructing additional Inland Toll Stations that are at different levels of completion across the country. Members of the public will be informed as soon as construction works have been completed in readiness for Road Tolling,” Chitotela said.

He says Government’s target this year is to collect K845 million and this would be achieved by expanding the road tolling footprint.

And Chitotela has maintained that government is committed to rehabilitate the entire 72km of the Kafue to Mazabuka Road,

He says the Government in 2016 officially requested the African Development Bank (AfDB) to finance the rehabilitation of the Kafue to Mazabuka Road.

Chitotela says the AfDB has approved approximately US$35 million towards the cost of construction and supervision services.

He says the procurement process for both the Consultant and Contractor has since started and that it is envisaged that the procurement process will be completed by the fourth quarter of 2018.

The funding from the African Development Bank will be channeled towards the section between Turnpike and Chikankata Road turnoff which is approximately 38km.

Chitotela added that the funds from the AfDB are not sufficient to finance the entire 72 km of the Kafue to Mazabuka Road and that government is pursuing financing from the United Kingdom Export Finance (UKEF) and Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) to cover costs for the remainder of the works.

He says the financing is also expected to cover costs for rehabilitation of the Chikankata Turnoff to Mazabuka, Construction of the Mazabuka Bypass: and rehabilitation of the Mazabuka to Monze Road.

The Minister adds that due to the poor state of the road and the need to facilitate continuous flow of traffic, the Road Development Agency (RDA) in December 2017 engaged Inyatsi Roads Zambia Limited to carryout Holding Maintenance pending full rehabilitation of the road.

Chitotela says the Holding Maintenance works are valued at K65,960,308.56 (VAT inclusive) and are expected to be completed in December 20I8.

He says Inyatsi is reconstructing of approximately 13km of severely damaged sections, application of a slurry seal on a total length of approximately 29km and pothole patching along the entire 72km stretch.

The Minister says so far the contractor has done an estimated of 22%.


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