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Government launches social distancing campaign code-named Red Alert

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The government has launched a social distancing campaign called Red Alert, this is focused on educating citizens on the need of keeping a metre or plus apart from one another as a way to avoid the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Dora Siliya said it is worrying that although the country is registering cases of the COVID-19, some members of the public are not sticking to the advice on social distancing .

Siliya said it is important that the country keep coming up with targeted communication systems, reaching out, and keep on messaging to the citizens as one of the best ways of fighting the spread of the Coronavirus.

She said this in Lusaka today at a joint press conference, with her counterparts at Local Government Charles Banda and Lusaka Province Bowman Lusambo in attendance who also addressed members of the fourth estate.

Siliya revealed that her ministry is maintaining the partnership with other ministries to immediately declare and iplement the Red Alert especially for Lusaka, which has since been identified as the Epicenter of COVID-19.

She further disclosed that the Ministry of Information has also partnered with the association for the Indian community in Zambia, who are working on printing one million posters in different languages in Zambia, of which Lusaka will receive 100 thousand posters.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting Services has also partnered with ZANIS to disseminate information around the constituencies starting the hot spot areas.

Addressing the same media briefing, Local Government Minister Charles Banda said there is need for a behaviour change among Zambians to enable the country to win the fight against the deadly coronavirus.

He said government is monitoring and managing the situation in markets to avoid the spread of the virus further stating that the government will only close them when need arises. Banda said government has started a program of spraying the markets, bus stops and has put hand hygiene facilities in strategic places.

He also made it clear that street vendors are only allowed to operate from the designated points to make it easier to manage and disinfect the areas of trading.

Meanwhile, addresing the same briefing, Lusambo said the Red Alert social distancing campaign will help reach the masses and control the spread of the pandemic and added that government is determined to bring the cases to Zero by controlling the spread of the virus.

Apparently, Siliya’s call for adherence to health precautions follows another similar concern by President Edgar Lungu who at one time lambasted fellow citizens for not taking precautions seriously. The President said this when he addressed the nation on the pandemic a few weeks ago.


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