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Governant petitioned over Vedanta – KCM impasse

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Two non Government organizations have petitioned government over the delay to resolve the Vedanta, Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) standoff.

In a statement availed to Zambian Eye ,the two organisations have alleged that the delay to resolve the impasse involving the giant mining company has compromised the livelihoods of the people on the Copperbelt.

Zambia for Peace,Unity and Development (ZUPED) President Ronnie Jere says they have petitioned the Ministry of Mines to prompt the minister to state government positions on when the negotiations between KCM and Vedanta will conclude.

He said the negotiations cannot go in perpetuity when people on the Copperbelt are suffering.

“Last week we commended the new dawn government for having engaged vedanta into an outside court dialogue. We expressed our fears as regards to the uncertainties surrounding these negotiations this includes the time that these negotiations have taken.

“We have now followed this up with a petition to prompt the minister of mines to state government position on when these negotiations will conclude. We cannot continue discussing in perpetuity while our bothers and sisters continue to suffer the consequences of a non functioning KCM,” Jere said

And Advocates For National Development and Democracy (ANDD) Executive Director Samuel Banda has indicated the deteriorating economic situation on Copperbelt province, as a result of the continued delayment by the government to address the KCM Plc and Vedanta Resources issue makes a sad reading.

” Government should state its position when /if Vedanta Resources will take over KCM Plc operations to protect jobs and create business opportunities for Copperbelt residents. Our concern emanates from the fact that this issue has been protracted for too long leading to a lot of uncertainties on the future of the mining firm.

“Our brothers and sisters on the Copperbelt have lost employment, business opportunities and so much more due to this KCM and Vedanta Resources impasse, hence we feel it is time for the government to promptly act on the future of our national strategic investment KCM,” Banda said.


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