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Give us chance to lead in 2026 you’ll not regret – M’membe

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Dr Fred M’membe

Socialist Party president Fred M’membe has appealed to Zambians to vote for him and his party in 2026.

Dr. M’membe says Zambians will not regret if they give him chance to lead.

Currently there is dissatisfaction among Citizens following unfulfilling of campaign promises by the politicians.

Hakainde Hichilema and his UPND rode into power in 2021 on the promise to lower the cost of living and fix the economy.

To the contrary the cost of living has skyrocketed with the main food, mealie meal he had promised to reduce the price to K50 from K120 for a 25kg now costing over K350. Fuel which was at K17 and he had promised to reduce it to K12 per litre now costing over K31.

The Economist trained Businessman turned politician had promised to reduce the price of fertilizer from K700 to K250 for a 25kg but is now costing over K900.

Hichilema had promised to ensure the power cuts commonly referred to as loadshed are done away with. He had dismissed the insufficient rainfall excuse by the Edgar Lungu regime describing it as failure of leadership. Now the country is going through 8 hours of now power.

This among other promises have left Citizens with doubts in trusting politicians.

But Dr M’membe is asking for a chance to lead saying Zambians will not regret. He says his party is revolutionary and propoor centred.

Dr M’membe says the International Monitory Fund (IMF) the Hichilema administration is banking on is not the solution to the economic changes the country is going through.

“The lasting solution to Zambia’s deep economic difficulties does not lie in the IMF or in a debt restructuring deal.

Our lasting solution lies in the collection of fair and adequate revenue from the mining sector for support to secondary industries such as manufacturing.

It lies in the development of the arts, a hugely important industry that those in power today have reduced to a footnote in a ministry!

It lies in increased state support to agriculture and enhanced food security, but those in power today are quicker to listen to the IMF and remove subsidies on farming inputs even when the US and other Western countries till subsidise their own agriculture industry.

It lies in increased state investment to social sectors such as education and health.”

Zambian Eye, 1st April 2024


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