GG International launches the first national online lottery of Zambia

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Zambian lottery fans have just received a new opportunity of changing their life and winning a great prize every Saturday evening thanks to the launch of the first national online lottery of the country.


Created by GG International, Lotto Zambia brings a lot of perks for the players. The team behind the project consists of experts in the industry led by Mark Hutchinson, a legend in the field, who was one of the creators of Lotto America that later become Powerball, one of the world’s biggest lotteries.


What makes Lotto Zambia special?


Lotto Zambia aims at setting a new era of winning in a spectacular way. The lottery has been created with the player in mind, focusing on a perfectly smooth lottery experience and simplicity at its best, with the use of a highly unique technology used for the drawing process. The company wants to provide the first lottery that is fun and easy to play with high winning chances and perfectly transparent and fair as never before.


Lotto Zambia is a fully online game, so the player’s can get their lucky tickets from any place at any time of day and night directly on the lottery’s website or using one of the dedicated mobile applications. All it takes to play is a device with internet access and registering an account at the game’s website. The price of the ticket is very low at K5 and the payment process is suited for Zambian players thanks to the use of MTN mobile money.


The simplicity of the game is achieved thanks to the 6/36 matrix, that brings an additional perk for the players: the highest odds of winning any prize. Hitting the jackpot is the dream of any lottery fan, and starts at an impressive minimum of K120,000. The main prize will be rolled over and rise in time if none of the players manages to pick all six numbers correctly.

There are four prize tiers in the game.


The technology


The company has developed a unique technology, allowing to rid the lottery of any kind of doubts and uncertainty about the drawing process. As the first endeavour of its kind, Lotto Zambia uses multi-layered approach combining the integration of blockchain technology and the in-house developed True Random Number Generator (TRNG) which guarantees that numbers are drawn entirely randomly, based on the quantum physics principles.


To add another layer of trust, the whole system is certified by one of the leading entities – Gaming Laboratories International (GLI). The venue works to verify technical compliance of third parties and stacks them against the high industry standards. As such, GLI is trusted by 475 jurisdictions across the world.


Good causes


Besides giving the possibility of winning an amazing prize, the company aims at supporting local society. A substantial part of the income will be used to support good causes. The first ones will be profesional sport and youth sport development, focusing on football thanks to the cooperation with Zambian Futball Association.


Here’s what GG International founder said after working on local agreements in Lusaka:


„After visiting the country I can surely admit that Zambia is a great nation with lot of positive attitude, we are happy to be a part of this country’s developement by supporting local good causes: professional sport and youth sport development. In future we plan to extend this actions with the support of charity organisations.” – said Wojciech Łysak


Who will become the first great winner of Lotto Zambia?


The first draw of Lotto Zambia will be held on 6th April 2019 at 9:00 PM CAT, and the lottery has already gained a lot of interest and hype on Facebook. Will you be the one to claim the first Lotto Zambia jackpot that will bring you a breathtaking K120,000? Make sure to pick your six lucky numbers and get your ticket now at the lottery’s website!


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