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Gambling Acts and Laws Inhabiting the Isle of Zambezi River

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Gambling is a popular entertainment program; most of the tourists visit a casino as a way to get rid of stress. The laws residing in the state is strict, and if caught with illegal gambling, you have to face severe punishment.

Situated in South of Africa is known for mining and tourism; we spotlight the laws of gambling in Zambia here.

Casinos can bring huge revenue to the government; they are observing the industry’s growth to see development in the future.

Zambia has already accepted land-based casinos, online casinos, and bookmakers and allowed them to make legalized betting at any cost.

Along with that, lotteries and online gambling are observed to grow with no legal laws restricting the players from playing.

Gambling Culture in Zambia

Being a tourist-friendly place, having over 17 million people, and fantastic culture, Zambia attracts many tourists to the land.

One cannot fully underline that Gambling is illegal in Zambia, lottery and sports betting are popular forms of gambling here.

The native’s love for football and other sports is the exact reason why the nation is attracted to sports betting.

This is also the same reason what makes the wagers betfor the Champion Leagues and International sporting occasion.

Apart from that, the lottery that attracts many players. The lottery players should assume the winning numbers from 1 to 39. One can see the lottery draws on-air every Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, and is popularly known as Zambian Lotto.

Gambling- land, and online-based

Gambling in Zambiaattracts many tourists to gamble in land based casinos; there are many land-based and online-based casinos in Zambia.

There are many casinoinstitutions and resorts that offer poker, slot games, and various other table games to the players.

Speaking of online casinos is more worthwhile than land-based ones, since the laws and rules abiding online is not strict. Online casinos, like, have a variety of games to offer.  And Zambia has mined this variety to every gambler’s delight!

Apart from these, players take a moment to read the tips and odds of betting and winning while sports betting.

Online casinos allow players to make payment, any type, and play various gambling games which are only a fingertip away.

Laws and Legislation

Gambling, any type is not restricted in Zambia. The government has an eye on gambling platform to avoid illegal gambling. 

Anyone can gamble in Zambia, once attained legal gambling age, 18 plus. Those who gamble below 18, is illegal gambling. Even though the rules are not strict, there are mainly three laws to consider before indulging in online gambling.

Zambia Casino Act

Zambia Casino Act was passed in 1992; this law revolves around portraying the licensing processes and renewing the casino licenses.

According to the act, only resorts can apply for a permit which should be replaced and revaluated every five years.

 Along with the licensing law, the authority has to no matter what keep the sanitation and surveillance to its maximum.

There are temporary issued licenses for the resorts and casinos, which can last only up to 30 days of validity. Along with this license, the authorities have to share and pay a percentage from their casino income to the government.

It was only last year; the government made a notice that casinos have to pay 20 percent to the government.

The Betting Control Act

Issued in 1958, The Betting Control Act was changed several times; the government passed the latest amendment act in 1994. Act focuses the betting control and licensing board. Act is responsible for issuing a four-member betting and a licensing post.

Apart from regulation of the licensing, Zambia Casino Act holds a significant part while betting on sports and other events.

The Lotteries Act

The Lotteries Act, which was passed in the 1950s, like the betting control act, was also renewed many times.

The bill permits to conduct the lottery betting and predicting in the state with the risks that come under lottery.


As a tourist, you can enjoy the richness of Zambian culture, local food stores, mining beauty, and gambling. The laws coveringthe gambling in the state are not strict, and one doesn’t have to feel nervous playing gambling.

The government has made rules risk free for players to enjoy gambling with a keen observation of each casino institutions.


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