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Funding free education, a disaster

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By Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

I have just seen funding profiles released for 145 primary schools and Early Childhood Schools in Lusaka province for quarter two (April-June).

K6, 882,739 has been released with the highest amount being given to Mwalila Primary School with K2,325.65 while the lowest Chilombwe Primary School received K899.39.

Mwebantu what can a School Administrator do with K2,400( K800 per month) or K900( K300 per month) for 3 months?

Secondary Schools have not been spared either as the allocations they are receiving can’t meet basic costs associated with electricity, security, sanitary and auxiliary staff, purchase of disinfectants and teacher requisites.

We may have to admit that the celebrated policy is failing on all sides, and on all angles from; the over-crowding to inadequate funding to support the policy.

Let us swallow our pride and allow parents to contribute to the education and welfare of their own children! Those capable to pay can subsidise the few that are unable to pay.


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