Fuel prices reduce in Tanzania on account of government subsidy

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Tanzania has reduced the cost of fuel effective Wednesday following the Tsh100 billion ($43 million) fuel subsidy the government announced last month.

According to the Energy and Water Utilities Regulatory Authority (EWURA), effective Wednesday, the retail price for petrol is Tsh2,994 ($1.28) from 3,303 ($1.42) per litre, diesel Tsh3,126 ($1.34) down from Tsh3,452 ($1.48) per litre, while kerosene prices remain.

In Dar es Salaam, petrol prices reduced by Tsh306 ($0.13) per litre while diesel prices dropped by Tsh320 ($ 0.14) per litre. In Tanga and Mtwara ports, petrol prices went down by Tsh152 ($0.06) and Tsh282 ($0.12) per litre, respectively.

Diesel prices deepen to Tsh476 ($0.2) per litre for Tanga port and Tsh486 ($0.21) for Mtwara port, Ewura said.

“Oil marketing companies are free to sell their products at a price that gives them a competitive advantage provided that such price does not exceed the price cap and is not below the floor price for the relevant product,” said a statement by Ewura Director-General Modestus Lumato.
(Malawi Voice)


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