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Fruits and Vegetable prices skyrocket by 300 per cent in Lusaka

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Market vegetablesThe prices of fruits and vegetables have risen by almost 300 per cent in Lusaka.

A recent survey in Lusaka conducted by Zambia Eye revealed that the price of a heap containing three tomatoes has increased to K3.00 from the December 2013 and January 2014 prices of K1.00. Some marketeers have resorted to selling in smaller quantities so as to make it affordable.

Prices for vegetables such as rape, spinach and cabbage prices have also increased.

Some marketeers interviewed said that during the rainy season the price of tomato goes up because it is shorty supply whilst the demand is very high.

A farmer from Chibombo disclosed that the increase in price of farm produce is attributed to increase in cost of agricultural inputs such as fertiliser and other chemicals.

‘‘Growing vegetables is difficult during the rainy season because it requires a lot of chemicals to deter of insects that become rampant during the season. Fertilisers and other chemical products are becoming expensive every day,’’ said Standwell Dwiti.

Dwiti however said that people will soon get their vitamin C at lesser cost from indigenous vegetable Chibwabwa (pumpkin leaves) which was expensive in January but is expected to become cheap due to rains.

The price of Chibwabwa has dropped to 50 Ngwee from one Kwacha per four leafs.


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