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Friends of President Lungu Director Chilekwa calls President Lungu tribal, says didn’t campaign for nothing

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Emmanuel Chilekwa

Emmanuel Chilekwa

The country executive director to a group called Friends of President Lungu, Emmanuel Chilekwa calls Easterners tribal due to his ommission from the PF govternment.

Mr. Chilekwa was recently arrested for using President Lungu’s name in collecting monies from sympathisers. He uttered the words on his facebook wall where he asked a tribal question comparing tribalism in Southern, Northern and Eastern.

“If you ever thought Southerners, Northerners were tribal, then tell me what you can say about Easterners,” asked Chilekwa.

Chenyani Chirwa chips in to try and challenge Chilekwa on his thread: “Tribal! this is relatively new concept being advanced by socially maladjusted political failures!”

Chilekwa responds: “So far, my thread is 100% correct, supported by Lungu, Chirwa’s dispositions.”

He said despite his efforts in campaigning for President Edgar Lungu, he has not thought of awarding him with a job. He said some Ministers in Lungu’s government today have been in government since his birth and grew up knowing them as government officials.

He said there are many capable leaders in his group who worked so hard to see President Lungu where he is today, but their efforts are overlooked. He has since threatened to do everything possible to ascend to the pick of his life.

“We worked, or didn’t we? Bible says if you don’t work, don’t eat. We worked so that we too, our friends, our relatives, our classmates and our neighbours to be part of the governing System this time round, because honestly, we are tired of being governed by the same old old names since my birth – all my life. Worse still, some of them are doing their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th or even 10th time (like Minister ABC) in government. Seleni tubombeko! Said Chilekwa.

“We have top level Advisors, Presidential ADCs, Ministers, Envoys, DCs, PSs, Drivers, Secretaries, Directors in our team. Or did we just work for them alone? Or, are we mad oh? If we are not lifted up, we will lift ourselves up,” Chilekwa says.

He pointed out government officials like Fackson Shamenda, George Zulu and Kaizer Zulu as failures that can not be compared to what he can offer in government.

“Am dissatisfied with some of the chaps, me and my team can do better, its a competition to offer better service, we only have one country. Ok, if we don’t lead in our our Zambia, tell me where I should be in government. Do you think people like Shamenda, George Zulu, Kaizer Zulu can perform better than me?” asks Chilekwa.


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