Freeing of woman charged with murder of husband: Neither do I condemn thee?

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By Kellys Kaunda
Some sections of our society have rejoiced following a court ruling to the effect that a young woman initially charged with the murder of her husband actually took his life in self defence.
They add that the majority of cases in which women have murdered their husbands involves self defence against abusive spouses. I wish to say immediately that where a life has been lost, such reactions may come across as offensive, careless, disrespectful and may lead to unintended consequences.
Taking a life in a domestic dispute is not the same as taking a life in the face of a criminal who has sprung a surprise on you demanding you go into self defense mode. In a domestic arrangement, there is often a build up to a dispute which should offer any rational being an opportunity to make an informed choice.
In a domestic dispute, there is plenty of time to avoid deadly encounters. To justify the actions of someone who has taken the life of a spouse as if they had no choice is simply tragic, poisonous and down right dishonest. Marriage is a choice. Divorce is a choice. Life is a choice. Prison is a choice. No one can force anyone to live with anyone and no one can force anyone to murder anyone. The young woman in question had a choice and she chose to live with her husband and she chose to take his life.
Lusaka High Court judge Betty Mung’omba has acquitted murder suspect Elizabeth Lungu saying she stabbed her husband in self-defence.
Lungu, 27, a former receptionist at Mika Lodge and a resident of Mtendere compound in Lusaka, allegedly stabbed her husband Anthony Nkhoma to death on May 3, 2016 following a fight.
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  1. Kellys, your story is factual and scares men. Woman will now be murdering men at will but under the pretext of self-defense. Zambian women and their NGOCC organisation seem to have lost the true meaning of Gender, which is sad. Human life is human life. Even if this killer was defending herself, the court should have cited her for manslaughter and not ultimately freeing her, as the case is!

    April 5, 2017 at 10:49 am

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