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Fred M’membe’s anger, ignorance over HH’s trip to China

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By Mark Simuuwe

Firstly , the whole statement by Fred M’membe shows total ignorance , anger and a lack of research on how President’s world over travel .

What Fred is missing is that the President does not travel the way he travels to solicit campaign funds from friends in other countries.

Any President who intends to travel to any country must be invited by another head of state.

Where such a president requests to visit another country, as to when such a visit should take place, is at a preserve of a host country and not the country requesting .

This is partly because hosting the head of state is a costly undertaking , takes a lot diplomatic engagements, and the host country allocates the same splendor and pomp to the visiting president as they do to their own.

Earlier , before Zambia clinched the Debt Restructuring Deal , Fred M’membe believed Zambia was not getting the debt restructuring deal because HH was engaging China .

In fact , Fred lacked information on the levels of engagement between President Hichilema and President Xi .

When China moved to accept to help Zambia’s debt restructuring, Fred started attacking the debt restructuring success.

Meanwhile , Fred is the same character who went to cheat citizens on radio that HH had no capacity to restructure the debt and that his strategy was poor.

He went on further to lie that Hakainde Hichilema was banking on debt restructuring to run the country and this is why the teacher recruitment could not take off early . When the New Dawn government recruited teachers before the debt restructuring deal , Fred M’membe disappeared from the Zambian media for sometime .

Fred said that to have debt restructuring deal , HH needed to go to China . Now that the debt restructuring deal was sealed , before HH left for China , Fred is now scandalizing even the trip to China.

President Hichilema long before mentioned that he would engage and travel to China in good time and that, he and President Xi , have been talking in the lines of debt restructuring and other areas of mutual benefits.

Sadly , M’membe will never grow on the need for constructive and mature engagements in politics.

He thrives on hate speech in his life and behavioral conduct .

Unfortunately, such draconian Post Newspaper kind of reasoning have no space in Zambia’s politics.

If Zambians want to know the main reason Edgar Lungu ensured Fred was punished through the Post Newspaper closure, it is partly because of Fred’s behavior of causing division, hate and scandalous statements against other people .

While ECL May have been tyrannical in his approach to leadership, he did not appreciate Fred’s behavior to attempt to maliciously attack President Lungu simply because Wynter Kabimba and Fred were cast out of PF .

I recall, part of Hon Chishimba Kambwili’s statement over the Post Newspaper was that the post was not only divisive, but continued to sow a seed of discord in the country.

The one behind this division and the tribal agenda which Fred drove so well against the people of Southern Province , NorthWestern , Western, parts of Lusaka and Copperbelt until PF had a regional government, was well understood by the PF .

Today , original PF members will tell you that Fred M’membe is the one who preached and promoted tribalism in Zambia using the Post and strong Bantustan agenda .

Fred’s lopsided thinking , makes him believe he can even start his same Post Newspaper ethnic hegemony agenda which he survives on all his life .

It should dawn on him that hate speech and mediocre politics have no room under the New Dawn administration.

UPND is not PF which he could swim into as in the mud, and manipulate minds through scandalous behavior of the Post .

The UPND government is at another level .

Today , Fred is not aware that China , from 2002 to 2022, canceled 23 interest free loans in 17 African countries without any of a single country among the 17 sending their president to China .

China has a system in terms of hosting heads of state and it is not a country a President just wake up to visit .

This is why , if my mind serves me right , no African President has visited China after the Covid 19 , yet China managed to cancel their loans , not because they don’t want to go to China but because there is a system in place .

For avoidance of doubt , China is structured in such a manner that the Political Party is more superior than government and whoever becomes the Secretary General of the party , there at the Party’s convention , automatically becomes the President of China .

Therefore , understanding the political system of China , the ruling United Party for National Development (UPND) has been engaging in a number of working relationships with the Communist Party of China from the time the UPND assumed leadership.

It is this relationship which paved way for strengthened and continued bilateral talks .

The understanding is that Political party engagements can also influence bilateral relations.

Fred M’membe is certainly blank about this relationship between the CPC and the UPND.

Further , it should be noted that Zambia was the first country to be visited by a High Level Delegation of the International Department of the Communist Party of China 🇨🇳 after the Covid -19.

Lastly , Fred is also blank on the fact that the Zambian government has sent several senior officials for continued engagement with the government of the people’s Republic of China .

My advice to Fred is that if he is going to run his PF infested and controlled Socialist Party which has the mind of PF in total , like the Post Newspaper, his hate and anger punctuating his write ups , nobody will listen to him.

Fred must sober up and practice civil politics.

The President of Congo DR last month visited in China.


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