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Football Latest News – Is Arsenal Chief Edu Sending a Sack Message to Mikel Arteta?

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Are the football stars fading for Arsenal soccer coach Mikel Arteta?

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What’s in?

Reportedly, the Arsenal Chief Edu informed agents that they have no plans to sack Mikel Arteta for the current time. The news heated up after the Spaniard gave over a 3-1 victory to Chelsea. However, the rumor of Thomas Tuchel, Massimiliano Allegri, and Brendan Rodgers heading towards Emirates stadium is out on broadcast!

Arsenal Tackled a Chastening Football Season with Mikel Arteta

There’s no doubt that the Arsenal Chief Edu is outrageous after the shaming performance of Arteta against the London giants and the struggles throughout the tournament.

  • Allegri clubbed with Arsenal after leaving Juventus in 2019, and the Italian player is learning English to pep up for the new role;
  • Tuchel is another option in the market after getting sacked on Christmas eve by the Ligue 1 giants Saint-Germain;
  • another soccer player, Mauricio Pochettino, might be a new replacement for Arteta in an upcoming sports event;
  • Rodgers is also amongst the top ticked player by Arsenal after his fantastic performance at Leicester!

Journalist Fabrizio Romano available insights from the agents that Edu still has no plans for sacking Arteta currently. Another news portal buzzed the similar update publicly as well.

A CBS sports magazine stated that Arsenal would fight all odds to save their coach Mikel Arteta. The Chelsea win proved a savior to safeguard the Arsenal coach’s tranquillity amidst these gunners’ poor form.

Arsenal board and Chief director Edu Gaspar are loud enough publicly and privately to protect their favorite coach.

Further declaration from the club states, “An obvious choice that was rewarded given the result against Chelsea. Arteta remains protected from the club.”

On the other hand, Arteta feels awful about the Arsenal club and is decking up for a better fight in the next league.

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