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1. Kambwili’s Xenophobic Attacks.

While a few disgruntled Zambians have taken delight at the xenophobic attacks of expelled NDC consultant on an innocent Indian driver, i wish to disagree with them and air out my views.

First and foremost, Kambwili seems to be ignorant of the fact that most people of Indian origin living and working in Zambia are actually Zambians and have no other home save Zambia. Secondly, anyone including foreigners are free to work in Zambia as long as they have valid work permits, so it is not a crime to be anything from a shop owner to a driver, and so his attacks on the indian driver he found working and asking him to go back to his country without making inquiries exposes his ignorance, pettiness and politics of cadre appeasement which are backward, but sadly for some people thats their preferred presidential candidate for 2021.

Question to Hon. Kambwili is, does he expect people in other countries to treat Zambians as he did? If not then he is wrong and a danger to himself and the nation at large, he is not the kind to be entrusted with national responsibility.

2. The Dismissal of Sesheke Policemen.

The case in which President Edgar Lungu, through the Home Affairs Minister and Police I.G at the recomendation of PF Secretary General, Davies Mwila has dismissed five Sesheke policemen for having brutalized cadres who were bent on causing confusion during the last ended Parliamentary elections is not only wrong, but is hypocritical and exposes the President and his party’s backward kind of reasoning.

Firstly, it is an open issue that PF cadres have been the main perpetrators of electoral violence for so many years now, others parties who engage in it are merely reacting and mostly protecting themselves through violence so to blame the policemen for using utter force to combat the violence shows the non-concern he has for the safety of the masses but is rather concerned about winning elections be it by shedding blood – Question is, why the desperation to hold on to power in this manner? Secondly, it is shocking how quick investigations were carried out to determine who brutalized the PF cadres while till now no investigation has been carried out to determine who killed Vesper Shimuzhila, a fourth year UNZA student who died of suffocation after police threw teargas canisters in her room. Does it mean police are there to only protect PF cadres even when they are wrong? If yes, then we are doomed as a nation as this is not the Zambia we want nor envision, we will protect it with a vote and kick him and his party out come election time in 2021.

Mwenya Musenge vs Chishimba Kambwili’s Expulsion Circus.

NDC founder and Secretary General, Mwenya Musenge’s expelling of his consultant and 2021 party Presidential candidate Chishimba Kambwili, and later Kambwili’s refusal to accept the expulsion and claim to have more authority and instead expel the former is a political circus and exposes how immature Zambian politics are, tells a tale of how unserious most politicians who form parties intending to run the affairs of the land are.

Firstly, a well structured organization has a chain and order of command (meaning it is well known who has more power or who can fire who? Secondly, a democratically formed party should have a clear constitution showing clearly who is who and the roles they play, alas that is not the case with NDC as clearly seen now; It has no structures, being formed by one man without a constitution, a man who makes all party decisions without consultations, a handpicked presidential hopeful who is a member of parliament on another party’s ticket. All in all, we see the lack of structure and the misdirection of NDC that the party can not be entrusted with governing our country, if they are this disorderly, how then will they bring order to the country as a whole. For now it should be a no to NDC till they put their house in order.

Have a great Friday.

Mbanga, Ilukui Irvine.


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