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Floods alerts in three districts

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The Water Resouces Management Authority (WARMA) is mandated by the Water Resources Management Act No. 21 of 2011, to conduct drought and flood forecasts.

The flood monitoring system currently has 3 triggered points with an 80 percent probability of occurrence. One alert is on the Mulungushi River, one alert is on the Mkushi River and two alerts are on the Luangwa River. The high rise in the river flows is likely to affect the following Districts: Kabwe, Luano, and Luangwa.

Details are that Mulungushi River in Kabwe District is currently showing a trigger of a medium flood which is likely to reach the peak on the 28th of January 2023. This will affect Mwilaba village, Chebende village, King George Youth College, Mulungushi University and farms around Mulungushi village.

Mkushi River in Luano District is likely to experience severe flooding starting on the 23rd of January 2023 and this is likely to increase in intensity by the 28th of January 2023. The floods will affect Mukwanya village, Tonta village, and the Old Mkushi community.

Luangwa River in Luangwa District is likely to experience mild flooding. The flood is likely to reach its peak on the 02nd of February 2023. The flood will affect Chelekano village, Chavunga village, Manwele, Luangwa Boma, and the Villages around Luangwa Boma.

We, therefore, want to warn the residents in the vicinity of the above river systems to be on high alert. However, WARMA will continue to monitor the situation daily and will offer updates as the situation changes in the flood monitoring system.


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