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Flashback: a post that made many drop tears

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Treason Charge

Hakainde Hichilema wrote:

Greetings fellow countrymen and women,

This is to let you know that we have again been taken back to Mukobeko maximum prison, Central, Zambia.

The state has moved us from Chimbokaila prison in the capital city, Lusaka to Mukobeko where are we right now.

We call on you out there to remain strong and watchful of each other, especially our country’s democracy and always remember that it’s darker before dawn and to everything there is an end, this includes life.

For now, our stay here is unpredictable, but we can state that our country’s democracy is under threat and we must all rise to defend it, as for us we will to the end.

We are strong and stronger together with you all.

God bless you all,

God bless our country.


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