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First responders to JJ Banda rescue targeted in a planned raid

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MP Emmanuel Jay Banda

As the Emmanuel Jay Banda abduction case takes twists and turns, information has emerged about a planned undercover raid in Kafue targeting first responders to the victim’s rescue, reports KBN TV.

Highly placed sources have told KBN TV that a raid is planned in the early hours of Wednesday, June 5, 2024 in Kafue targeting two houses believed to belong to the abduction victim and another one believed to belong to PF Chairperson for Information and Publicity, Ambassador Emmanuel Mwamba.

According to sources, the planned raid will extend to all those who appear to have been the first to respond to Banda’s rescue when he was found including a named man from Kafue boys who picked him up and a Zambian of Asian dissent, who was among the first people to see him.

A close relative to Banda, believed to be his auntie is also on the list of those being targeted in the Wednesday dawn raid.

The raid is understood to have been planned by those peddling a narrative that the victim abducted himself and the intention is to convince those being targeted in the raid to reinforce the “self abduction” theory away from the presence of any lawyer.

Banda’s lawyer, SC Sakwiba Sikota revealed that his client had named two State House officials and a UPND youth leader to have been part of the abduction ring.

The accused officials have since sued Banda, his lawyer and opposition leader, Sean Tembo for criminal defamation. Tembo sharply responded that he was ready to face them in court.

In a recent media statement, acting Minister of Home Affairs and Internal Security, Ambrose Lufuma, countered the alleged naming of possible abductors, insisting Banda had not named anyone.

PF MCC for Information and Publicity, Emmanuel Mwamba has called for a public inquiry into the matter, expressing dissatisfaction in the manner Police were handling the matter.


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