“First Lady travels with a-25-delegation while Children failing to go to School”

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Esther Lungu

Civil rights Activist Laura Miti has questioned why First Lady Esther Lungu would waste money by carrying a delegation of 25 to the US while many children are failing to go to School.

Mrs Lungu is leading a delegation of 25 people to receive four fire trucks that have been donated in US.

Below is Ms Mini’s message:

Please Mrs Lungu

I will admit to feeling really low this evening – almost weepy. I will also admit that I had decided to not comment on the First Lady’s inexplicable trip to the US.

Then just before I left the office, I got yet another call about a young person desperate to go to school who proabaly won’t, because they cannot afford relatively small amounts of money. I had to explain that I wish I could help, but I am drowning in these requests. People are giving generously, but how many times can I ask? I don’t have money of my own to give so I depend on outstandingly generous and trusting people who send money to a person they have never met. Anyhow, I found myself asking how many desperate kids could be kept in school for years by the money the First Lady is going to blow carrying a delegation of 25 to receive 4 fire trucks donated to us.

If we must waste hundreds of thousands of dollars to go and receive fire-trucks we don’t even need, when children are failing to pay relatively small amounts of school fees, what kind of country are we?

Mrs Lungu please think about the thousands of young people who will drop out of school, not enter college this January, because you choose to go to the US for no justifiable reason. What must we do to stop this unnecessary suffering by millions, this killing of whole futures so that a few of you at the top can live shockingly oppulent lifestyles.

So that you can live wonderfully on the taxes of people who are failing to breathe.

Mrs Lungu, I wish you wouldn’t go or at least drastically cut your delegation then direct that money to school fees. Please.


2 Responses to “First Lady travels with a-25-delegation while Children failing to go to School”

  1. Thank you Laura Miti for highlighting this atrocity. However, these people just DO NOT CARE. It’s the unfortunate truth about Zambia, the idiots that people keep electing that steal their money for their personal gain.
    Why the hell does she need to go to pick up a donation, plus 25 extra people, is beyond morality.
    But hey – this is Zambia. I can see idiots calling it development and pretending it’s not a big deal.
    The real God (not the one stupid, hypocritical Zambians pray to) help Zambia. But God only help those who help themselves.

    January 15, 2019 at 7:25 pm

  2. this is a modern world, those four trucks can be shipped to Zambia by sea, you are not going to curry them on your heads imwe bana Lungu, Tazionelanji ka . look back and think if that trip makes sense. Such do not happen in the western World only in Africa where leaders think they can do anything with Tax Payer’s Money. Stop the Entitlement of public Funds.

    January 19, 2019 at 1:33 am

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