Financial Intelligence Centre hits back at critics

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The Financial Intelligence Centre has hit back at its critics, dismissing accusations that it disseminates raw information to law enforcement agencies.

Director General Mary Chirwa says the report disseminated to law enforcement agencies goes through a rigorous process of enrichment before it is handed over.

She emphasizes that case studies are released in full detail prior to the release of the trends report as provided by the law.

Ms. Chirwa adds that the FIC Act and the international standards require the financial intelligence centre to conduct a strategic analysis.

She highlights that the FIC is not the only financial intelligence unit that publishes edited case studies and the intelligence report is a product of operationalized analysis which uses available information to identify specific transactions.

President Edgar Lungu and the Drug Enforcement Commission have denied receiving detailed reports from the Financial Intelligence Centre.

The FIC has cited K6.1 billion worth of transactions to have been either money laundering or tax evasion.

AND National Democratic Congress President Chishimba Kambwili has accused President Edgar Lungu of not being truthful for claiming that he never received a detailed 2018 Financial Intelligence Centre Trends Report.


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