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Fight stress using a Healthy diet

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A well balanced diet is the precursor to good health, and has been found to help protect against many lifestyle related illnesses, including stress.

Stress is the physical reaction that people will  experience when they feel overwhelmed, or pressured.  It is extremely common, especially due to the very busy lives we lead today.  However, it has been found that you can reduce your stress levels with proper diet and nutrition.

Unfortunately, when faced with pressure one of the first things that can be affected is your eating habits.  You feel listless and lose your appetite or you sometimes can allow stress to make you eat more comfort foods.  In addition, stress can actually interfere with the natural digestive process, because a lot more acids are released into the stomach.  As a result, many persons experience a condition known as nervous stomach, and suffer from bloating and flatulence.  The usual response is to skip meals, which actually exacerbates the problem.

However, if you are dealing with stress, then eating well and having the right nutrients should be a priority so as to get relief.  In this way, less stomach acid will be released and it will improve your general wellbeing, as you will look and feel better.

Also, be sure to include foods from the following list in your diet, as they are great stress relievers:

Water:  This tops the list simply because it is central to all the body’s processes.  Since stress has a tendency to dehydrate the body, water will help to keep it hydrated.   Water will also assist in easing the problem caused by excess release of stomach acid, as it will flush excess acid away.

Milk:  This can actually help to elevate your mood, and prevent the mood swings that sometimes occur alongside stress.  Milk is rich in an ingredient called tryptophan, which is an amino acid that the body uses to maintain serotonin.  Serotonin helps to regulate mood.  Therefore a diet rich in milk is sure to control mood swings.

Fiber: An increased intake of fiber will alleviate nervous stomach, and the digestive disorders that accompany stress.  Good sources of fiber include orange, yellow, and green vegetables, also carrot and tomatoes, are also excellent choices.

Apricots:  These are rich in magnesium, which is known as the stress buster.  Apricots have the added benefit of being rich in fiber, and are also able to help with muscle relaxation.

It is also a good idea to incorporate some supplements like magnesium into your diet.  This can help reset the nervous system, which is generally thrown out of balance by stress, and can also ease muscle tension.  Herbal supplements such as hops and passion flower are also recommended, due to the relaxing effect they have on the body.

When treating stress with proper diet, it is never a good idea to skip meals, as this will only worsen the problem of acid being released into the stomach.  Instead, try to establish a structured eating plan with regular mealtimes; this will help to counteract any stomach disorders.   Also, ensure that mealtime is stress free, concentrate on eating only, nothing else.  If you do this and eat the recommended foods, you are definitely going to get well needed stress relief.

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