FIC report stands to be the greatest litmus test

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The Financial Intelligence Center (FIC) report stands to be the greatest litmus test of our nations will to fight corruption.

Leadership starts from the top and the fabric of our society is molded by the levels of integrity these men and women whom we call our leaders afford their offices. It is disgusting to imagine that the FIC report is being condemned by ministers and sections of society that should be applauding the report.

Poverty has started to eat even the basic principles that form our constitution, We are a Christian nation, thus thou shall not steal.

It should bring tears to every Zambians eyes who claims to be patriotic and God fearing to hear of men accumulating the type of wealth that would provide some of our countries poorest with the basic human need of water or proper health care.

What happened to us “Mother Zambia”, when will we stop being the laughing stock. The FIC is not run by unqualified individuals, the Director General Mary Chirwa who keeps being castigated by the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) is a former employee of theirs.

The notion of treating their findings as mere speculation is ridiculous and sad. The situation reminds me of a teacher appointing a class monitor and upon receiving the list of noise makers declaring the list as bogus. No nation has developed with its citizens acting as spectators when their nations dignity is at stake.

Our countries image is on the chopping board and we’ve been asked to turn a blind eye as our technocrats battle to prove their worth. No man is above the law is what we’re told but our greedy politicians seem to be answerable to themselves.

We sit and watch government officials enjoying the luxury of their offices while facing multiple counts of corruption as though all this is perfectly normal, what happened to social norms? Like resigning because of failing to uphold a code of ethics.

Why doesn’t our leadership institute a purge on these individuals? We have several other members of parliament and many technocrats who are even more qualified to take up their posts, why should we be enslaved by these ungrateful individuals? The command must come from the top and we need to see action. Enough is Enough.

By Chipindi Caleb Fundanga – Investment Consultant Institute for Finance and Economics


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