FDD Responds To “Nawakwi Given Executive Status In a Parastatal By PF Govt”

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The Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD) wishes to vehemently and categorically rubbish the malicious and utterly false story published by the Zambian Watchdog purporting that President Edith Nawakwi has been given a latest state-of-the-art Ford Ranger Twin Cab with a government driver and fuel to spearhead a bio-fuel project in Muchinga Province by a PF company called Ilunda Chalo .

First of all we wish to state clearly here that the said story is a mere manifestation of the author’s illusions and imaginations and that in any well-balanced person’s view such an unfounded story does not deserve publication in any credible news outlet.

We challenge our detractors to visit RTSA and the Ford Vehicle Centre situated on Malambo Road and verify for themselves the ownership of the said Ford Ranger.

For those whose only occupation is gossip and rumour mongering, we wish to remind them that FDD is a well organized and visionary party that has a fully fledged and well established Secretariat with full-time staff, vehicles and state-of-the-art communications system. We invite such charlatans to our secretariat situated on 48, Independence Avenue to see for themselves how well organized we are as a party. Our Secretariat has been running for the last 12 years.

This smear campaign that has been carefully hatched is a clear indication that these characters have nothing to use to hold back the political momentum that our Party is gaining on a daily basis.

For your information, the Kaidi Bio-fuel project is an issue for the Government of Republic of Zambia, its promoters and the chiefs in Nakonde and Isoka.

The folly of the author so disdaining that they have even given Board Membership to a non-existent bio-fuel Board.
Our timely advice to our detractors is that they should find something worthwhile to do instead of concocting and spreading falsehoods.

Prepared and issued by:
Antonio Mwanza
Party Spokesperson.


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