Farmers count loses as fresh produce flood markets, call for value addition

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The Zambia National Farmers’ Union (ZNFU) has expressed worry over farmers who are dumping unsold fresh commodities, like cabbages and tomatoes on the market.

ZNFU media and public relations manager Calvin Kaleyi said the dumping is being driven and done by some farmers who are oversupplying the market on a daily basis.

In a statement, Kaleyi said the over supplying of the fresh vegetables is causing a significant drop in commodity prices, resulting into many farmers producing at a loss.

“These losses are hurting farmers, especially the small scale and emergent farmers, some of whom are contemplating to stop production altogether.

“We urge these known farmers who are growing massive hectares of tomatoes to get into value addition as opposed to dumping their products at Soweto, Copperbelt and Kasumbalesa markets,” he said.

Kaleyi called on farmers involved in the dumping to refrain from the vice as it is distorting the market and creating unfair competition.

“The dangers of what is going on is that the small scale and emergent farmers will stop producing tomatoes, and in the event of these known farmers having a disease or any calamity on these hectares they have put in will result into the country importing tomatoes,” he said.

As reported by Mwebantu, Kaleyi further advised farmers beyond the scourge to get into value addition as what they are doing will not be accepted anymore.

He said Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Local Government and the Council must take keen interest in the new development as this has never happened in the history of this country.


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