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Family releases JJ Banda’s pictures

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 … Mwiimbu Is Lying – Family Lawyer

The pictures released by family of found but alleged to have been abducted Petauke Lawmaker Emmanuel JJ Banda.

The family have released the pictures to contradict Home Affairs and Internal Security Minister Jack Mwiimbu who earlier in the morning told the Nation that Banda was not injured.

He remains at Maina Soko Military Hospital receiving treatment under heavy security guard with even members of the family not having access to him.

Family Lawyer Sakwiba Sikota has told a media briefing that Mwiimbu lied about JJ Banda’s condition and he has challenged the state to present his pictures.

Sikota says he has also reached to Human Rights Commission to complain about how the state is handling the matter.

Zambian Eye, 27th May 2024.


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