False notions about socialist

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Fred M’membe

By Nkonkomalimba Kapumpe

Did you know that it’s socialists that brought independence and freedom to Africa, they were fighting the imperialists capitalist. From Nkrumah in Ghana, ANC in South Africa and UNIP in Zambia. The best thing that has happened to Africa came through socialism. Kabungwe S. Namukombo kindly note.

There is this notion that socialist has never worked anywhere, that’s a lie. Finland has the best education system in the world and it’s based on socialist ideas. China is the second largest economy in the world and it’s socialists. Bolivia has reduced it’s poverty levels by 50% in the modern age using socialism. Mwewa Kasanga Socialism just like capitalism has grown and developed.

Socialism isn’t about making you give up your money or pursue affluence. It is, at its core, about making life fairer and accounting for structural scaffolding that rigs the system in favour of the few, one of the ills of capitalism. Condemning a socialist for bein rich is like condemning the capitalist for giving aid or charity, which they do. Xi Mwanza Banda

One of the best example is that in capitalism the rich go to the best schools and the poor to very bad schools despite their level of intelligence. In the end the poorer become poorer and the rich richer because of privilege.Socialism addresses this issue by making sure all receive the best education and health facilities possible even for the very poor. Thats the equality in socialism not sharing your money or salary.

Lastly no country is purely socialist or capitalist. We have all benefited from both political ideas. This free health care and education system we cry for is purely socialist ideas in a capitalist state.

The west capitalist fighting the eastern socialist (communism) in the world made it a taboo to even mention that you are socialist in the 90s. Western media has also helped to paint socialist to be something think of dictators like Hitler and Stainly. Kachinga Cliff Sichone

I am not joining Fred just enjoying the subject Chaka Pius Zulu . So is UPND socialist or capitalist? Hon Kasololo Chisenga.


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