Failure to wear masks in public land 38, including a police officer in trouble

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Police have arrested thirty-Eight people, among them a civic leader, in Chinsali, Muchinga province, for not wearing face masks, while in public.

Three government workers, two from the Zambia Police and Zambia National Service.

A primary school teacher was also part of those arrested in an operation carried out by a combined team of state and council police to enforce the compulsory wearing of face masks, in the wake COVID-19.

Some of the arrested people were found patronising restaurants, who were selling beer and letting people eat food from their premises at the market.

Muchinga Province Police Commissioner, Joel Njase confirmed the development to a local state run news agency which was in Chinsali.

Njase said he was not happy with the the low level of compliance in the area, with Statutory Instruments number 21 and number 22, on COVID-19 prevention.


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  1. The levels in Kitwe hopeless and people are just walking about without masks. Then there is the nonsense of people just throwing the used masks anyhow.For me and my family we deposit the same in plastic bags, tie and wait for our disposal guys to come and collect together with the other waste.

    May 9, 2020 at 7:08 pm

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