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Facial Glamour, with a perfect face shape and Eyebrows!!!

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Written by Prisca Vandervesta and Edited by Val Shaw

The BIG question is , “why do some women wear makeup? ”, has been asked over the years.

Makeup is an accessory that enhances our beauty. However, there is a thin line between too much and not enough makeup. Makeup is another form of personal expression.

Different types, brand and color of makeup we wear expresses how we feel that particular moment: confidence, femininity, fashion, social status, and age.

create your eyesHaving said that about makeup, it is very important to ensure that our “eyebrows” are well shaped and groomed; eyebrows are very important when it comes to your look regardless of the type of makeup you’re wearing. They frame the face and eyes, and are a key foundation for your facial glamour.

With so many options: thick, thin, arched, and straight. How do you know which brow is right for YOU?

eyebrow_shapes2If you ask some of the skin and hair experts What Do Your Eyebrow Shapes Say About You, besides telling you a lot of things, they would also certainly advise you to groom your eyebrows as eyebrows are one of the most important features of our facial expressions and beauty .
Brow kits can be found online or in a beauty store or boutique close to you. You may attempt to shape you brows at home with all these fabulous tools or just use them to help you maintain your professionally shaped brows in between appointments to the saloon. Ask your local saloon if they do eyebrows professionally to shape your brows according to the shape of your face.

A good tweezer
Clear Mascara
or brow gel such as Revlon Brow Gel
Brow brush such as Define a Brow eyebrow Pencil
A Brow powder

must have cosmetic kitIf otherwise you decide to have them tackled and waxed by a Professional , which is recommended , please be careful the face is the first thing someone sees …so find a reputable saloon that you are familiar with, has been recommended by a trusted source or has been rated the best in your town/city. Your esthetician should be competent and experienced with lots of different types of brow shaping as well as tinting . Your professional is going to use shaping points located on your face to find the most appropriate shape for your facial structure.

You may use this guide if you are attempting to shape your brows at home.


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